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Optimize your business so that it appears better positioned in search engines for people looking for your products or services

SEO is essential for your business to be visible from search engines

SEO = Search engine optimization


Why Bet on SEO

SEO allows companies and businesses to be found on the Internet by their customers without having to pay for each visit

Organic search is the main source of traffic

When we have a problem, want to look for certain information or need something, we usually turn to web search engines. Normally search engines return a search result so we usually visit the first links.

SEO works so that your business or service appears in those results, in the first positions. If the user sees your web page within them, it is very likely that he will visit it being that this visit does not cost you anything (as opposed to ads).

SEO promotes trust and credibility

Normally, in organic searches, many web pages compete to appear in the first positions. There are only 10 websites that can be in the first 10 results. However, there are millions of results.

Search engines tend to show the most trustworthy websites in the top positions. If your website is there, your brand can be understood as trustworthy and credible to consumers.

The best way to understand our consumers

SEO allows us to monitor market changes and understand consumer intent in detail.

SEO can tell us which consumers want what. And it does so by resorting to analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. With this, we can detect new trends and business opportunities.

Good SEO means offering a good user experience

Everyone wants to be at the top of search engine results and get maximum visibility. However, few know that user experience plays a huge role in this endeavor.

The user experience is a key factor for web positioning, as publicly stated by Google itself. In fact, Google is measuring more and more accurately whether a website offers a good or bad user experience.

Providing a good user experience not only has very positive effects on improving search engine rankings. Your visitors will appreciate it and will be happier.

SEO and best practices are always being updated.

SEO is alive. It changes daily. And with it, the best practices to apply it. Digital marketing professionals have the obligation to accompany and implement these best practices to our clients, to keep them at the forefront in search results.

Even if your website has had previous SEO work done, if that work does not continue, it is very likely to lose effectiveness.

SEO is reasonably cheap and effective

It is clear that SEO costs money. But it is undoubtedly cheaper and more effective than hiring an on-staff person with the task of attracting and retaining new potential customers to the business.

SEO can replace much of a company's commercial (or traditional marketing) work. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people turn to the Internet on a daily basis. Knowing that your company is visible to those people is very important, and that is precisely what SEO generates.

We do ethical SEO to avoid the risk of penalties for our clients

We put into action the current best practices indicated by Google and avoid black hat SEO.

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