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Malvim is a creative design and web development agency specialized in maximizing conversions to help you meet your goals

The website is the primary means of dissemination for any business

What are your needs?

Company websites

Company websites are those that focus on providing information about a company, its products and services.

Online stores (Ecommerce)

Online stores are web pages specially focused on the sale of products or services online.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

These are websites developed primarily to publish content (e.g., Wikipedia or personal blogs).

Informative web pages

Informational web pages are pages that concentrate information on specific topics. They can be implemented using a CMS.

Online forums

Online forums are tools that allow building communities of users around common interests.

Non-profit websites

Non-profit websites inform their visitors about the mission, objectives and values of the project.

Our Process

Web design generally has the following stages, although we are very flexible and we adapt to the client's needs

  1. Requirements analysis

    Requirements analysis is the first phase of the web development life cycle. This phase consists of understanding the customer's requirements.

    Each client has different requirements, strategies and plans for developing their own website. Therefore, the team of developers and the project manager meet to discuss them and devise the most efficient way to meet them.

  2. Definition of contents and information architecture

    Content plays an important role in a website. Think that all users visit a website mainly to see its contents. If the content is not high quality, visitors will be disappointed and will leave the site (usually to a competitor's site).

    Information architecture defines the relationship and structure of content throughout the website. It is also a fundamental part of ensuring user satisfaction when seeking certain information on the website.

    Both elements also play a key role in the positioning of your website in the results of a search performed by a user on search engines (Google, Bing...). As you know, only the first results are considered by users.

  3. Design

    In this phase we design the look and feel of the page aligned with the image and graphic elements defined for the brand. This process includes creating some prototypes for the client to choose the look and feel closest to their preferences.

    In composing the look and feel of the page, we play with colors, fonts and other graphic elements to create an ideal look and feel that conveys the essence of the brand. We also take care to create an excellent user experience, while providing good accessibility.

  4. Development and testing

    Software engineers carefully design your site making sure to do it efficiently and following the best practices of the market, including complying with the Core Web Vitals indicated by Google.

    We perform tests to measure the user experience on different devices and simulating multiple access speeds to obtain an optimal user experience in any environment.

  5. Validation and migration

    We show the client the final website in a test environment for approval.

    After approval, we prepare and execute the migration of the new website to make it available to the public.

  6. Training and closing

    If the client needs it, we provide training on how to manage and maintain the website and update its contents. We also give valuable advice on how to keep the website up and running, secure and free of threats.


What You Get

An innovative website that responds to your company's business needs

Unique design


After analyzing your brand and industry, we create a unique design that maximizes the value of your organization on the Internet, seeking to create a strong impact and connection of visitors with your company.



We work together analyzing, collecting and structuring the contents so that the web page really satisfies the interests of your ideal clients

Optimized (SEO)

Optimized (SEO)

We apply the best and most current practices so that search engines (Google and others) "understand" your website and index your pages more efficiently



A responsive website is one that provides an excellent experience on all devices where it can be viewed (computer, phone, television)


Outstanding usability

All our websites comply with the most rigorous usability standards to ensure an optimal user experience on all devices

Accessibility AA


Of every 5 people who visit a website, one has some degree of disability, so it is very important that the website can also be used by these people

We have a highly qualified team ready to help you

If all this seems confusing to you, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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Save money and achieve your goals with a professional web site

Regardless of the type of business and sector of your company, a professional website is a must

Best first impression

Getting into a clean and comfortable store is not the same as getting into a caravan converted into a store located in a desert and without air conditioning.

A professional website has the ability to make a great first impression on the visitor. And every business wants to generate that great first impression, right?

Investment that saves money

Investing in a professional website allows you to have a resource carefully designed and built to support and help your business meet its objectives. You will avoid, therefore, making continuous changes to your website (wasting money) in order to achieve better results.

We follow current techniques and best practices in several areas (both programming and marketing). As a result, our web pages last over time with excellent performance.

More visible, faster = more customers

Our pages are carefully designed by software engineers to load very fast and meet the performance criteria and best practices set by Google. They are not always easy to achieve but we love a challenge :)

Below you can use Google's tool to measure the performance and quality of any website. You can compare the results of any website with ours to better understand our quality.

Essential for SEO

If you want to get visitors without spending money on ads, it is essential that you invest in a professional website that meets the positioning criteria set by Google.

In addition to being beautiful and attractive to visitors, it is essential that the page has a good information structure, usability, accessibility, metadata for search engines and is responsive.

Strategic for advertising

Investing money in ads is an excellent option to get quick results. However, if your website lacks structural or content flaws, you are likely to get low results (even if the ads are well optimized).

If you want to have the doors open to invest in advertising and get faster results, make sure you have a professional website first.

Measure the performance of any website

Google has developed a tool that measures the quality and potential of web pages

Technology provided by Google Lighthouse