About Malvim

A different marketing agency

We believe that companies should focus 100% on their business and entrust their digital growth to us in a transparent and non-deceptive way

Our Commitment

We are different because we work with rigor, commitment, seriousness and excellence hard to match in other agencies

Malvim - commitment to quality

If we find that we cannot meet your expectations, we would rather not work with you.

Malvim - commitment to quality

We put into practice the most effective and ethical actions (safe for your business) that currently exist in the market.

Malvim - commitment to quality

We have few clients, which allows us to provide a fast and high quality service.

Malvim - commitment to quality

We don't want to give your higher expectations. We only commit to something if it is 100% in our hands.


These 4 words are always with us, they are the essence of what we are

Values of Malvim: excellence


We always demand more of ourselves than what our customers expect from us. Excellence in the little things always adds up to excellence in the big things.

Values of Malvim: honesty


We communicate openly and directly with the client; we do not lie, deceive or manipulate information to hide it from our clients, even if it goes against us.

Values of Malvim: quality


Whatever we do, we want to do it really well. Quality to us means maintaining very rigorous standards for all our work, no matter how big or small the project.

Values of Malvim: commitment


Commitment implies sacrifice. It is to bind oneself to a plan of action, a firm agreement. Acquiring a commitment implies seriousness of intention, sincerity of decision and firmness in its fulfillment.

If you want to work with a reliable, transparent team that exceeds your expectations, count on us!

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Yolanda Amaya

SW Developer


Gonzalo Ramos

SW Developer


Ana Arribas



Rodolfo Hurriarte



Patricia Moniza



Beatriz Marin



Cristina Ayala


Degree in Advertising from the University of Navarra and certified by Google as a Digital Marketing Professional


Miguel Alvim


Degree in Computer and Systems Engineering and trained in Marketing (Berkeley and Curtin University)

And we collaborate with world-class professionals in digital marketing


Our foundation for strong leadership and a healthy, collaborative corporate culture

What the Malvim team is like: we like challenges

We like challenges

Projects are an opportunity to rethink what we do, to excel and to add value to the customer.

What the Malvim team is like: genuine

We are genuine

We do not like to look more than we really are. Authenticity facilitates communication.

What the Malvim team is like: humble

We cultivate humility

Nobody knows your own business better than you do. We listen to you and design the most effective way to help you.