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A Different Way of Doing Digital Marketing

We believe that companies should focus 100% on their business and trust their digital growth to us in a transparent and non-deceptive way.
malvim - about us

Our Values

These 4 words are always with us, they are the essence of who we are.
We always demand more of ourselves than what our customers expect from us. Excellence in the little things always adds up to excellence in the big things.
We communicate openly and directly with the client; we do not lie, deceive or manipulate information to hide it from our clients, even if it goes against us.
Whatever we do, we want to do it really well. Quality to us means maintaining very rigorous standards for all our work, no matter how big or small the project.
Commitment implies sacrifice. It is to adhere to a plan of action, a firm agreement. Acquiring a commitment implies seriousness of intention, sincerity of decision and firmness in its fulfillment.
Values from malvim

How We Work

We approach projects in a systematic way and focus our work on results.
Project Phases
By having the phases of a project well defined, we ensure that we leave a good taste in the mouths of our clients.
Our 4 Steps...
Understanding needs
Evaluating performance
Defining the strategy
Measuring results
Understanding needs
Knowing the real problems, their difficulties and objectives is fundamental to be able to give a more reliable advice to our clients.
Evaluating performance
With the information provided in the previous step, we evaluate whether we can meet your expectations, since it is not always possible to do so.
Defining the strategy
If we see that we can add value to the company, we design the optimal strategies (different scenarios) according to customer requirements.
Measuring results
By implementing the most appropriate strategy, we take care to display valuable information about our work in a transparent manner.

The Team

We rely on the best professionals from around the world.

We want to provide an excellent service to our customers, so we also have collaborators and strategic partners around the world, the best talents in specific areas of marketing and innovation that support us in specific tasks.

This collaboration is completely transparent for customers and does not involve any additional costs. We always maintain a direct relationship with our customers.

Contact Us
Miguel Alvim

Miguel Alvim

Founder of malvim
Many clients come to us disappointed and with certain distrust due to the lack of results obtained in digital marketing services. It gives me great satisfaction to give them back their illusion and trust.

About Miguel Alvim

Bachelor's degree in Systems and Computer Engineering with a specialization in Communications from Universidade do Minho, Portugal and trained in Marketing (Berkeley and Curtin University).

He has managed highly complex technological and Internet projects coordinating teams located in several countries.
He has provided technology consulting services for multinationals belonging to the Ibex-35 in Europe, the United States and Latin America.
Founder of one of the leading health portals in the Spanish-speaking market, receiving more than 5 million visits annually.
More than 20 years of experience applying information technologies, digital environments and innovation in several companies around the world.

Our Organization

Understanding how we experience life, perception and feelings from ourselves has a profound effect on our creativity, productivity, stability and resilience. These are our foundations for strong leadership and a healthy, collaborative company culture.
We Like Challenges
Projects are a new opportunity to rethink what we do, to excel and to add value to the customer.
We Are Authentic
We do not like to pretend to be more than we really are. Authenticity facilitates communication.
We Practice Humility
Nobody knows your own business better than you do. We listen to you and design the most effective way to help you.
We Love To Learn
In an ever-changing world where we handle vast amounts of information, it is essential to stay up to date.
We love challenges at malvim
We are genuine in malvim
We are humble in malvim
We love learning at malvim